Don’t miss the signs of a Stress Fracture


Many sports injuries are sudden and unmistakable—a twist, a “pop,” sudden pain, and you know something has gone wrong.But what about when an injury starts slowly and subtly, with symptoms like a deep-seated dull ache? This is the characteristic of a stress fracture. Who’s at risk for a stress fracture? Unlike acute bone fractures that […]

3 Ways to Stay Sane When an Injury Puts Running on Hold


Half of runners will be hurt more than once in a given two-year period, according to Stephen Messier, the director of the J.B. Snow Biomechanics Laboratory at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. Women runners are somewhat more likely to be injured than men. Applying repeated force over a extended period of time or suddenly […]

3 Useful tips for icing your Injury


Applying cold therapy to various injuries—like a sprained ankle or a hamstring tear—may help reduce inflammation and alleviate your pain.While each injury is different, these three tips will prove useful when it comes to icing almost any type of injury: 1. Protect your skin When you are in pain, you may be tempted to apply cold therapy directly […]